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Seven Reasons to Share your Legacy on a Family Photo Website

The icing on the cake after your family photos are scanned and organized is an incredible viewing and sharing experience. Organized Photos Forever can create a website of your family photos for you, or point you in the right direction to do it on your own. Here’s seven reasons to get started …

1. All your photos can be viewed in one place … scanned photos, digital photos from your cameras, your phone pictures… even videos up to 20 minutes long… all organized on your custom family website.

2. Easily share with friends and family. Provide a link to a specific group of pictures or a share a password protected custom URL to access your entire site. You can post on facebook or twitter or email your photos in a snap.

3. Beautiful layouts and logical organization by year and event make your pictures look great and easy to find.

4. Your memories are protected in secure cloud storage with passwords and privacy controls. Unlike other photo web services, YOU own the copyright to your photos and can download your originals anytime.

5. Unlimited storage … if you have 1,000 pictures or 100,000!

6. Put your website in your pocket with a phone app. Pull up any picture, anywhere, anytime.

7. It’s all custom … choose your favorite color, favorite font … even a personalized family crest with your home town and “date created”!

Organized Photos Forever can build your website, teach you how to use it, and even add your new photos in the future so your legacy is always up to date.

Click here to get started!


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