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Photo Organizing

Organized Photos Forever specializes in taming photo chaos … transforming decades worth of photos dumped in bins as well as digital pictures on multiple devices, into a curated collection organized chronologically and by event.


When we’re finished you’ll have an organized photos collection, your memories preserved, and a feeling of accomplishment.  Now that’s peace of mind!

Print Photo Organizing

Imagine your mess of print pictures curated and organized in archival storage boxes. 

Are you overwhelmed by the volume and chaos of your print pictures? Maybe you inherited photos from your parents, or have albums that are yellowing and falling apart.  Perhaps you’re feeling guilty you made a baby book for your first child, but don’t even know where the pictures are for your second child. Or you’re planning to downsize or want pass an organized collection to your children.  You’ve been meaning to get to this “someday”, but don’t know where to start or have the time. Don’t worry,  Organized Photos Forever can help. We will work with you to create a plan to meet your specific photo goals. Some of the ways we help clients with print photo organization are: 

  • Sort through printed photographs in boxes, bins and old albums … even thousands and thousands!

  • Eliminate duplicate and poor quality photos

  • Organize chronologically and by event, or by child

  • Professionally scan to incorporate your print with your digital photos

  • Archive your print pictures and memorabilia in attractive space saving photo safe storage, labeled so you can easily find what you're looking for​



Digital Photo Organizing

Your digital mess transformed in an organized, searchable and safe family archive.

If you’re like most people, a year or so after buying your first digital camera, you stopped developing pictures and  making albums. You might have a collection of camera cards, CDs, flash drives and external hard drives which may (or may not) also be in the cloud. Then there’s the thousands of pictures you take with your phone which (you think) are on your computer, but you’re not sure.  Or you have apple photos on your mac but you don’t really know how to use it and can’t find the pictures you’re looking for. The technology can be frustrating, your digital pictures are all over the place, and you’re not sure they are backed up.   Don’t worry, Organized Photos Forever can help. We will work with you to create a plan to meet your specific photo goals. Some of the ways we help clients with digital photo organization are:

  • Combine digital photos from all of your devices and even the cloud onto one central location

  • Eliminate duplicate and poor quality photos

  • Incorporate your scanned photos, slides, memorabilia, and videos into your digital collection

  • See all of your photos on your phone

  • Apply core file structure and universal naming conventions so your digital files will be searchable and software independent

  • Tag photos with keywords and facial recognition. Dates, places, events, people, holidays, and other information meaningful to you can be included to help search for and identify photos.

  • Advice on cloud and hard drive backup systems

Thanks from our Organized Clients

I gave Karen a mess of 18 years worth of photos thrown into bins.  In return she presented me with a streamlined collection of my photos, organized and labeled in archival storage boxes, and the same pictures scanned at top quality,  My question to myself before was "do I really need Karen to do this for me or should I just do it myself?”  Who was I kidding?  Worth every dollar, couldn’t be happier!”    

“Our pictures were a mess ... over ten years of our lives in boxes and bins.  Karen took over as our CEO. She came in with goals, vision and a plan for our future photos.  She turned our chaos into family albums proudly displayed in our home. "   

“Thank you so much for for your expertise at organizing all our photos. What a perfect job for you ... a very special talent and skill"

"After years of not knowing how to preserve old delicate photographs that I had inherited, Karen provided an amazing solution.  She organized them into archival storage sleeves, and digitized them using her white glove service. Now both my sister and I can enjoy the family photos and most importantly, they are preserved for future generations.”      

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