What our Amazing Clients are Saying ...

  • Fran from Westport

    “I can't even begin to thank you!  Your ability to take "piles" of electronic photographs and turn them into extraordinary albums that capture the best times we've had as a family is a real gift.  You were so good at helping me tell our story. I never could have done this without your help and creativity.”    

  • Barbara from New Canaan

    “Karen is brilliant and a wonder at what she does.  I have worked on two projects with her.  The first was a collection of old family photos. She designed a beautiful book and created an organized history.  The second was making sense of five decades of print photos!  It is something I always intended to do but never found the time. I love it all!”

  • Maureen from Fairfield

    "I would highly recommend Karen for any photo organizing needs. I had 20 years worth of print and digital photos scattered on various devices, with a goal to combine all onto my iMac.  Karen tackled my project with ease! Album creations were the next phase and WOW, to say I love and cherish them is an understatement!  Karen's skilled artistic eye combined with her organizational skills work to create beautiful photo albums. Looking forward to the next album project with Karen!  

  • Beverly from Weston

    “Our pictures were a mess ... over ten years of our lives in boxes and bins.  Karen took over as our CEO. She came in with goals, vision and a plan for our future photos.  She turned our chaos into family albums proudly displayed in our home. "   

  • Ronda from Manhattan

    “My old videos and slides are remarkably clear.  Thanks again. It was the best investment!”

  • Marita from Fairfield

    “PERFECTION!!!”  “Thank you for all your effort and patience and good humor throughout this project (video montage for her daughter's wedding).  You are very easy to work with.”

  • Karen from Fairfield

    “Karen was a pleasure to work with. She made the process of scanning and naming my family pictures extremely easy.  She is super organized and followed up at every step.”

  • Debby from Weston

    "After years of not knowing how to preserve old delicate photographs that I had inherited, Karen provided an amazing solution.  She organized them into archival storage sleeves, and digitized them using her white glove service. Now both my sister and I can enjoy the family photos and most importantly, they are preserved for future generations.”      

  • Micki from Weston

    “I absolutely and without hesitation recommend Karen! As the name of her business reflects, she is ORGANIZED! This is a gift that she uses as she helps people take scattered images from their lives and coordinate and ORGANIZE them into a beautiful, tasteful, finished product.  She has a terrific vision for detail, color, layout and the important pieces to highlight.  I appreciated that Karen gave steady, gentle reminders and an eye towards the finished goal.”        

  • Alison from Darien

    "I could never do this without you!!!'

  • Susan from Weston

    “My favorite photos have been on my computer for years, but I didn’t know how to get them off my laptop to print them.  Karen made it very simple to understand, and I am thrilled to be able to do this on my own!  She is awesome!!!  Next Karen created a GORGEOUS album for my son's wedding. I am so happy YOU are the one who helped me!"

  • Elizabeth from Weston

    "Karen made the entire process so easy and my daughter LOVES her photo mosaic wall art!" 

  • Abbie from Greenwich

    I gave Karen a mess of 18 years worth of photos thrown into bins.  In return she presented me with a streamlined collection of my photos, organized and labeled in archival storage boxes, and the same pictures scanned at top quality,  My question to myself before was "do I really need Karen to do this for me or should I just do it myself?”  Who was I kidding?  Worth every dollar, couldn’t be happier!”    

  • Ellyn from Weston

    "My children could not stop looking at their albums at dinner that night, and over each other's shoulders at their siblings albums, reminiscing about 'that time in the picture when...  It brought such a big smile to both mine and my husband's faces to watch that and know they would have these to look at and share with their children for many years to come.  Karen made it so easy for me too."   

  • Karen from Wilton

    “I would recommend you in a heartbeat.  Rudi and I LOVE our album. It will give us many happy memories and can’t wait to share it with our kids.  We’re so happy we made the album and working with you made it all so easy.”      

  • Lizzy from Norwalk (client's 12 year old daughter)

    “Best Christmas present EVER!!!!”      

“Thank you so much for your expertise at organizing all our photos.  We will enjoy having them to look through, tell stories and laugh for years to come!  What a perfect job for you ...  a very special talent and skill!”      

Amy from Westport

“The montage was wonderful, just great!!! Every family member was brought to tears and LOVED it. I can’t thank you enough.”

Samantha from Westport

"When my twins were 7  I said I would organize all our photos, print and digital. Each year I made the same New Year's resolution.  But, 8 years later the same boxes are staring me in the face! I am finally turned to Karen for help and I'm so happy. Working with Karen has been a pleasure, easy, and no pressure.  She's the perfect partner for a monumental task like this. Thanks Karen!”

Christine from Pound Ridge

“Karen is very professional and easy to talk to. She listened carefully while I explained my challenges and goals and then gave me a plan to address each of them.  She took a real interest in my family, her personal touch and connection meant a lot to me. "   

Sarah from Darien

"We had accumulated literally thousands of photos that sat in ever growing disorganized piles in envelopes and boxes. Out of the pandemonium, Karen created a beautiful set of photo albums, which has been a great source of enjoyment and pride for the entire family.  I was so happy to finally cross off that huge project from my  To Do list!”

Karen from Scarsdale

“We love having our print pictures digitized and on our computer to share with our children for generations to come.  You are so professional and caring.  Thank you for a job so very well done!” 

Ellen from Westport

"My son’s Bar Mitzvah was two years ago and I did not know where to start as far as making a album. Karen came to the rescue. She painstakingly went through over 600 photos and created a beautiful arrangement completely tailored to my personal taste. I don’t know how she did it, but she included all of our friends and family as well as captured the highlights of the service and the party.  I highly recommend her services.”  

Denise from Weston

“One of the best things I’ve ever done!!!”   

Jane from Darien

“You are amazing,  You made a dream come true for me.  For 14 years I have admired my father-in-law’s cards and didn’t have the organization or YOU to help me . I think we found the way to keep my in-law's spirit alive in the beautiful books.  I have no word but THANK YOU for ever and ever!”

Maddie from Westport

“Karen rescued my vacation photos from the black hole of my iPhone to gorgeous coffee table books that told the story of our travels.  Karen’s designs are creative, the albums are excellent quality, and she makes the entire process from picture selection to proofing so easy.”

Steven from Manhattan

"We could have never done this project without Karen!  Two years of newspaper clippings from The Little League World Series were arranged into this beautifully designed book telling the story of our son's amazing baseball journey!  Karen was very professional, easy to work with and very patient with two very indecisive clients!  The final product is amazing!" 

Pam from Southport

“The album is beautiful!! Thank you so much for all of your help!

Looking forward to the next project”

Beth from Scarsdale

“I love having all of the years of videos in one place and easily accessible. Karen was lovely to work with and made the entire process so easy. I have already recommended her services to friends!”

Jayne from Wilton

“Thank you, Karen, for doing such a good job digitizing my 100 year old family photos which I can now pass along to other family members.  Thanks also for your advice on how to back up my photos and for suggesting a strategy and tools for organizing my photo collection. “

Carol from Westport

“Sara absolutely loved her albums!!! She was very touched and got all misty.  We did a good thing!! (Actually, you did it ....!!) A few people are interested in your services as a result …” 

Renee from Westport

“I was thrilled to learn of Karen’s business of digitizing old home movies. It was priceless to sit down with my family to view my kids when they were babies. We spent quality family time, crying and laughing at some of the memories that we had forgotten. I can’t wait to utilize Karen’s talents with my old photos!”

Callie from Wilton

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