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Digitizing a Lifetime of Photos

When I first met with my client Ellyn last summer she had a noble goal … to be able to share and pass down family photos to her three grown children. The problem? Over forty years of pictures were stuck in dozens of old yellowing magnetic albums. Not only could they not be shared because there was only one copy of each picture, but the acid from the plastic album pages were damaging the photographs. The solution? Digitize the pictures and create a beautiful custom album for each child.

Here’s how we accomplished this goal:

  1. Remove the “keeper” pictures from the albums, sometimes with the help of dental floss if they were stuck!

  2. Scan each picture at a high resolution, edit scans for improved image quality, rename and redate each file, and create a digital library for each child and my client

  3. File original prints in Archival Legacy Boxes, labeled clearly with date and descriptions

  4. And FINALLY the fun part, selecting the best pictures for each child, organizing them to tell a story, designing and printing premium albums

In February my client invited her children and their spouses to a special dinner to surprise them with their albums. The kids had no idea Ellyn was digitizing the pictures, and had not seen their own childhood pictures in decades. The response was overwhelming and emotional.

The gift of digitizing a lifetime of pictures: Priceless.


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