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How Many Photos did you Take in 2020?

Don’t peek! Just guess. How many photos and videos do you think you captured in 2020?




There’s no right or wrong answer, but most likely the actual number is higher than you think. My years of managing photo collections has shed light on the sheer number of photos families take today compared with our pre-digital camera, or even pre-iphone days.

With an iPhone always with us, every moment of our children’s lives is documented. It’s second nature to snap pictures of parking spaces, items we are considering buying, and our meals. Amateur photographers may take hundreds of pictures of a single subject or sporting event. Vacations and celebrations often add thousands of pictures to our camera roll.

The result can be overwhelming, with the gems lost in the junk.

Here’s a challenge for 2021: Select your most meaningful photos of 2020 and make sure they are not forgotten

  • Put together a slide show on your computer

  • Create a annual printed photo book of your family

  • Print out your absolute favorites and display them in your home

If there’s a moral to this tale of more, more more photos, it’s that quality trumps quantity. Don’t let your gems get lost in your junk. Make 2021 the year to start enjoying your gems of the past.

Happy New Year,

Karen Herman


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