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Puppy Love ... and What's on YOUR Camera Roll?

After 15 years of being “cat people”, we are now “dog people” (or more accurately “cat-dog” people. You guessed it, we got a puppy!

What does this 6 pound bundle of lovable furry energy have to do with photo organizing? For the answer, just look at my phone camera roll!

If I keep clicking at this pace, by the end of 2021 I’ll have 729 photos and 237 videos of Ruby.

As irresistible as Ruby is, I'll admit that a thousand images of a puppy is excessive and the gems will get buried with the ordinary.

Maybe you can relate … is there or has there been someone or something monopolizing your camera roll? A grandchild? A home renovation project? Maybe your own furry friend? Are you overwhelmed scrolling through hundreds of pictures to find the right one?

Here’s some tips make your camera roll a happier place to visit. To start focus on just one subject that’s overrunning your camera roll. For me, that is obviously Ruby.

1. DELETE, DELETE, DELETE We all take multiple pictures at the same time, hoping to get that perfect shot. For each series, keep one or two you love the best and delete the rest. Don't panic, you’re just deleting a photo, you’re not deleting the memory!


This will take a bit longer, but stick with it.

Watch each video. Anything awesome and unique? No? Then delete it. If a video looks promising, chances are you recorded more than you needed. Improve the viewing experience and save space on your phone by trimming the video to keep only the key moments. From your video, select “Edit”, and then slide the brackets. Click Done, and then “Save Video” (not "Save Video as a New Clip", or you’ll have both versions)


Now that your photos and videos are streamlined, go through again and mark your absolute favorites by selecting the heart icon on the bottom of your phone screen.

You can go a step further and create an album for each of your favorite subjects. If you want to know how to do this, get in touch and I'll teach you the steps.


When you want to show off your photos without endless scrolling, just open your Favorites album. You can remove and add pictures by selecting or deselecting the heart icon at any time!

It’s time for Ruby’s walk so I’m signing off … but I’ll grab my phone in case there’s any good photo opportunities. What can I say, I’m in puppy love!

Karen Herman, Founder

Organized Photos Forever, LLC

P.S. For more puppy antics, watch this video of Ruby meeting her reflection for the first time.


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