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Tricks for an Easy Halloween Slideshow

Halloween is going to look different in 2020 … no big parties, no haunted houses, and in many areas no trick-or-treating.   Of course you can still take great shots of your costumed cuties, but there will definitely be less photo opportunities than in the past. Instead of filling your camera roll with Halloween festivities, why not enjoy memories of Halloweens past?  Here’s how you can create a super quick slideshow of Halloween pictures. 

1. “Hey Siri”

If you have an iphone, it’s so easy to bring up Halloween photos from past years. 

“Hey Siri, show me pictures from Halloween” or “Hey Siri, show me pictures of pumpkins”

2. Select the Best

If you want to narrow down, select your favorite Halloween photos from the search results and create a Halloween favorites album to create the slideshow from.

3. Make it a Memory

Click the arrow to the right of the search heading on top to go to Memory view

4. Press Play

Start your slideshow by clicking the play arrow on the right

5. Choose your Vibe

After the slideshow runs, you can edit the music and tempo

6. Share

Pass along to friends or post.  Select the share icon (square with up arrow) and choose what to do.  With the options arrow, choose a vertical or horizontal orientation.

7. The Big Screen

You can even play your video on your TV if you have it linked with airplay

Here's the quick video from my cameral roll. Have fun making your own Halloween video treat!


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