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Vacation Memories by the Book

When I first started working with my client Fran in 2014 (smiling above) she had just returned from a trip of a lifetime, a two week Safari in Africa with her husband and two teenage sons. Fran asked for my help with one project: Create a photo book of her trip. Fran was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. Sure, I replied, I can help you. What I didn’t realize what that all four family members were snapping non stop on on two cameras and two smart phones … for a whopping total of over 10,000 pictures from one vacation! To make things more complicated, the cameras were not set to the correct time and date, so when the files from the four devices were merged, everything was out of sequence and it was difficult to determine which pictures were from each location.

After many weeks of organizing, editing, and comparing hundreds of images of lions, elephants and giraffes to capture the best shots of each animal, I presented Fran with her African Safari photo book. She couldn’t be more thrilled to have a beautiful book to relive vacation memories with her family..

Soon after Fran asked if I could create a similar book from a trip to Spain. She loved it, and shared her vision of someday having a shelf filled with albums from every family vacation. Fran has an immaculate home and we decided to design each album using the identical size, color, and cover treatment as the African Album to create a coordinated collection to display.

We quickly became hooked and diligently worked through a decade of past vacations, sorting through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pictures from each trip to transform long forgotten digital files into stunning books that highlighted the key moments of each vacation, from grand scenery to tiny details and everything in between. Italy. Cabo. Hawaii. Wyoming. Aruba. Greece. 15 Albums to date including customized versions for friends and family! I’m currently designing albums for Fran’s 10 and 15 year wedding anniversary trips to Europe, and then her Vacation library will be complete … at least until her next adventure!

If vacation albums have been on your wish list, but you don’t have the time, creativity or technical know-how, you don’t have to do it alone. We got this! Contact Organized Photos Forever and let’s talk.


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