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What are your EPIC Family Photos?

Most of us take hundreds of photos a month, thousands a year, but only a handful are truly epic. In my opinion, an epic photograph contains so much emotion, and tells such a story, that a picture is truly worth a thousand words. In May I was lucky enough to capture an epic photo of each of my three children.

Subject: My son playing lead guitar at college with his band Studio 89

Why this photo is epic to me: My once shy child who would not play guitar in front of anyone but me has transformed into a crowd motivating talented musician who thrives on the interaction with his bandmates and the audience. His passion is epic.

Subject: My middle daughter at college graduation

Why this photo is epic to me: Four years of hard work have paid off with a smile that shows how proud she is of her accomplishments and excitement about her future. The focus of the photo is my daughter's face, framed by her confident pose, and the rest is a blur. Her positivity is epic.

Subject: My oldest daughter's marriage proposal

Why this photo is epic to me: My daughter and her boyfriend (fiancee!) have been sweethearts since 6th grade. From middle school puppy love, to high school romance, to a long distance college courtship, to adulting in Manhattan, their relationship has blossomed and matured as they each have. To see the affection displayed in his kneeling posture and the happiness in her expression is heartwarming. Their love is epic.

copyright MelaniLustPhotography If you’re like most people, you have already posted your “epic” pictures on social media. But after the fleeting likes and comments, how can you keep these memories close to you?

  • On your iPhone, heart the picture to easily find it in your Favorites album

  • Name the file on your computer so it’s easily searchable. Something like “2022_Nicole Vanderbilt Graduation Favorite” works better than IMG_5457.jpg

  • Make the photo your screensaver on your phone or computer

  • Display a small print on your desk or table in a modern frame, or casually pin your favorite photos on a cork board

  • Get creative! You can print your favorite photos on playing cards, puzzles, blankets, coasters, Christmas ornaments, stickers and more

  • Create stunning wall art in canvas, acrylic or metal

There is no limit to how you can enjoy your epic photos. The most important thing is to enjoy the moment the picture is taken. The second most important is to enjoy the memory!


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