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Why You Should Document your Quarantine

There’s no doubt that the Spring of 2020 is one for the history books.

With more downtime we have a unique opportunity to document this bizarre chapter of our lives. For those of us lucky enough to be well and with family, take pictures of what a day in quarantine looks like for you. Maybe it’s an elaborate home cooked dinner and piles of dishes in the sink; maybe it’s your coffee table overflowing with games and puzzles; maybe it’s a trip to the grocery shopping wearing gloves and standing six feet apart in line to get in the store, and empty shelves where toilet paper used to be stocked. Or maybe you’re enjoying a socially distanced FaceTime walk or Zoom happy hour catching up with friends.

Document your family’s new work and school routine: Your upper half may be presentable for video Zoom calls, but your bottom half is still clad in pajama pants and slippers. Take pictures of your children doing burpees in front of the computer for online gym class, or participating in an online lecture with their professor.

You can even download your favorite memes and Tik Tok videos to add some levity to your own photos.

For those in the health care field and working in essential businesses like food supply, thank you and stay safe. Capture what your workday looks like now … with new safety precautions and unprecedented risk.

Save your stories on your computer and create an online album in your Photos Library with your Pandemic pictures and downloads. Caption each photo, to document what has become the new normal. One day our grandchildren will ask about what it was like during the Coronoa Virus Pandemic, and you’ll be able to pull out your pictures and stories to help share your perspective.

One of the ways I documented what we’re going through is to create a photo book (surprise surprise). It’s a story called Cat Quarantine using pictures I had of my cats Minnie and Tigger.

How are you documenting your quarantine?

Stay healthy and safe.


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